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Jay is the Communications Director of Arizona Wheelchair Tennis. He began playing wheelchair tennis in 2014. Jay enjoys the challenge and learning opportunities of wheelchair tennis, and is committed to promoting the sport to others in order to cultivate its growth. Jay also enjoys community outreach, and encouraging disability awareness.

Jay Dashefsky

Seth Haynie

Seth has been involved in coaching Wheelchair Tennis since 2000.  He is currently coaching players from various locations in the USA and Internationally.  Seth also received the "Wheelchair Pro of the Year" award in February 2017 from the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR).  Seth is currently serving the following roles:

  • Director of Education (AZWCT)
  • Chair of WCT Committee     (USTA - SW Section & Central AZ District)
  • Director of Tennis (Ability 360)
  • Part-time Teaching Pro     (Kiwanis Tennis Center)
  • Wheelchair Tennis Clinician (PTR)