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You can participate in our classes at the Ability360 Sports and Fitness Center on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM, and Fridays from 6:00 PM to   8:00 PM. We also have Run/Roll events (integrating standing players with wheelchair players), and we will keep you posted on tournament events. Fill out the form at the bottom of our page to sign up!

 The exciting sport of wheelchair tennis was first introduced in 1976 by Brad Parks. Since its inception, wheelchair tennis has gained popularity across the country. This fast-moving and exhilarating sport is not only fun and challenging, but also provides an excellent workout to the player. Anyone with mobility challenges can actively participate in wheelchair tennis, and tournament play requires a permanent disability. Players use sports wheelchairs, and are allowed two bounces instead of one, but the game is played with the same racquets, and on the same courts with the same nets. Although hurdles still remain, regarding equipment costs and availability, and widespread ignorance of the sport, further integration of wheelchair tennis can help spread the word and lead to a more widespread acceptance of the sport, and of people with disabilities. 

     Arizona Wheelchair Tennis (AzWCT) is one organization helping lead the way to change and awareness of wheelchair tennis. Participants play in local events, practices, and Run/Rolls around the great State of Arizona, which help gain exposure among people with and without disabilities. We also provide classes with coaching opportunities to help you make the most of your tennis game. Get involved with us!  


Volunteers are essential in keeping our momentum going, and helping our activities run smoothly. Fill out the form at the end of our page if you are interested in being a volunteer!

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With your contributions, we can keep getting people involved in the awesome game of wheelchair tennis!
Wheelchair tennis is becoming more well-known across the country, and is also part of events such as Wimbledon and The Paralympic Games. Want to see it become more prominent in the sports scene in Arizona? 

Here is where you come in.
Not only can you get involved on a playing level, but you can also volunteer and/or donate to help increase Wheelchair Tennis availability and participation in Arizona. We also have various links to content to help educate you on Wheelchair Tennis, and to whet your appetite for more Wheelchair Tennis action!!!

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